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Fun, Funk, and Business

Hugo Drax & Von Hammerstein are two funky brothers who will transform your wedding, (corporate) event or festival into the party of your dreams. With a perfect sense of timing and ambiance, this highly experienced DJ duo brings hits from the ‘70s, combined with modern classics and requests from the audience.

Hugo Drax
Von Hammerstein

A preview!

Drax & stein

Instant party on demand


With Hugo Drax & Von Hammerstein, the possibilities are endless. We match our live-set to your taste in music and provide a tailor-made package that fits seamlessly with your wedding, corporate event or festival.

Here are a few examples of what we offer:

pure drax & stein

If the sound equipment and decorations have already been arranged, we'll put a USB stick behind our ear and will come party like never before


If you don’t want to worry about arranging the equipment, we will bring our own equipment and DJ booth decorations!


Do you fancy things like spinning lights, palmtrees, or even confetti and money guns?
Anything you can think of, let us know and we'll arrange it!